It’s Janelle Monáe’s World. We’re Just Living In It.

Source: Soraya Nadi McDonald / The Washington Post

All you need to know about the future of R&B is that it’s contained within the petite, delicate frame of one Janelle Monáe.

Though she be small of stature, her voice and her spirit are inversely proportional to their earthly confines. I seriously think she may be carrying around her magic in that glorious natural mane of hers. The pompadour alone adds a good four inches of height.

Monáe performed a sold-out show at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, D.C., Monday, and another at Liv nightclub Tuesday night. She’s on tour promoting her latest album, “The Electric Lady.”

Her star couldn’t be rising at a better time. The CoverGirl represents newness and individuality for a generation of Electric Ladies who, at best, remain invisible, or at worst, still find themselves unfairly characterized in media.

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