Jon Stewart Tears Into GOP Over Debt Ceiling: ‘Congress Functions at a Kindergarten Level!’

Source: Josh Feldman / Mediaite

Jon Stewart went after Republicans yet again on Wednesday for their tactics on the government shutdown and debt ceiling, wondering where all the “bipartisan-curious” Republicans have scurried off to.

He laughed at Tom Coburn for cutting up a fake giant credit card on the Senate floor, saying the fact he had to ask permission to use scissors is “the best evidence yet that our Congress functions at a kindergarten level.”

Stewart also went after Senator Mike Lee for comparing the current situation to a man being forced to buy goods and services he doesn’t want to, firing back that this is what happens in a country “with some people who aren’t exactly you,” and saying that if Republicans were the ones picking up the groceries, they would “burn the fucking store down!”

He then brought on Al Madrigal to ask where all the moderate Republicans have gone. Madrigal revealed that they’re all in hiding but can still connect through an app like VOTR and engage in discussions and, of course, “fiscally safe sex.”

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