Kanye West Thinks Louis Vuitton And Other Luxury Brands Are Too Expensive

Source: Lauren Leibowitz / The Huffington Post

Say what you will about Kanye West and his dubious influence on the fashion industry — there’s no denying that he can afford to shop at the highest of high-end stores.

Still, Kanye is looking out for the little guy and his low-end budget. That’s why he toldLos Angeles’ Power 106 radio station that despite a 2009 collaboration, he wouldn’t collaborate with Louis Vuitton again:

“If I had the opportunity to design for Louis Vuitton now, I wouldn’t. Because the prices [are] just too extreme. And I don’t want to use my message to have kids saving up that much, you know, to be part of what the ideas are. You know, that’s the problem to me with luxury.”

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