Kwame Kilpatrick: ‘I Want The City To Heal’

Source: Tresa Baldas, Jim Schaefer and Gina Damron  / Detroit Free Press

Kwame Kilpatrick, addressing U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds in a soft voice, said he respects the justice system and the jury’s verdict, though he disagreed with it.

“I want the city to heal,” he said. “I want the city to prosper. I want the city to be great in the end. I want the city to have the same feeling it did in 2006. when the Super Bowl was here. … Everybody felt like this was their town.”

Kilpatrick said all he ever wanted to be was the mayor. Months into the job, he said, he hated it.

Choking up while speaking, Kilpatrick said men don’t cry, they bow down, go outside every day and look confident. That false confidence, he said, looks like arrogance.

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