New York Road-Rage Suspect Identified In Beating Of SUV Driver

Source: CBS News

New York City police have identified the man who they believe beat a SUV driver in last weekend’s road-rage incident. Even though everyone involved in the attack was captured on high-resolution helmet cam video, police have had a hard time tracking them down.

Law enforcement officials tell CBS News that Reginald Chance is the helmet-wielding man who bashed in the front-side window of an SUV Sunday before allegedly yanking out the driver and beating him in front of his wife and young child.

Chance could turn himself in to authorities as early as Friday.

Also, new video surfaced Thursday of what is believed to be the hours leading up to the chase. Bikers can be seen running red lights, popping wheelies and weaving in and out of traffic on the wrong side of the road.

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  • Kiddro

    man if that had been me i probably do the same thing considering the circumstance but why? did the dude slow down it almost looked like he dared him to hit him and the S.U.V. called his bluff but that’s all i see from the video as the guy running lights and driving crazy on his bike.