Off-Duty Police Officers Part Of Group Involved In NYC Motorcycle Road Rage Incident

Source: CBS News

At least three off-duty police officers say they were part of a motorcycle group that was involved in a violent assault of an SUV driver last weekend in New York City.

One of them, a detective who works undercover, even saw the attack. But apparently fearful of revealing his identity, he did not intervene. The undercover detective waited several days before coming forward. It’s unclear if the other two off-duty officers also witnessed the beating.

They will all be stripped of their guns and badges and have been placed on desk duty, pending an investigation.

CBS News senior correspondent John Miller, a former New York deputy police commissioner, said this case is about when the officers decided to come forward. He explained on “CBS This Morning,” “On Wednesday of last week the undercover detective comes forward and says, ‘I was there, I saw the beating, I didn’t want to break my cover.’ He’s assigned to the intelligence division and some of the people there are under deep cover and they’re training is, even under pressure, you don’t admit who you really are. He would be in a lot less trouble if he would [have] come forward the first day instead of four days later. Since that, now this is what’s happening. They reading in the papers, they’re hearing on television that a police officer has come forward. Two other police officers who were also riding with the group that day. One of whom was a sergeant. That’s a supervisor and another of whom is a detective, who is a police officer who is undercover in internal affairs. The irony there is that’s the group that enforces police discipline and misconduct have come forward or notified the department about their intention to come forward, and they’re going to be sat down and (asked), ‘Where were you, what did you see, what did you do, what did you not do, why did you wait to come forward’.”

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