Protesters In Confrontation With Black Man Right In Front Of Confederate Flag

Source: Tommy Christopher / Mediaite

Sunday’s Million Veterans March in Washington, DC was marred by the flying of a Confederate flag at what became a very Tea Party-heavy event, but let anyone get the idea that Confederate Flag Guy just showed up to photobomb CNN, raw video from RT America’sRuptly TV lays that notion to rest. Not only did Confederate Flag Guy stand comfortably with his fellow mostly-white protesters, he even had a birds-eye view when protesters did get into a confrontation… with one of the few black people in attendance who wasn’t a cop being screamed at and heckled for looking like “something out of Kenya.”

Conservatives desperate to distance themselves from the racist imagery on display at Sunday’s protest will suggest that Confederate Flag Guy is some wacky aberration, or maybe even a plant, but the real issue isn’t so much the one guy with the traitor’s flag, but the thousands around him who did not bat an eye. He wasn’t just at the White House, either, and in none of the many photos and videos is anyone backing away from the guy, let alone confronting him.

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Lest you also think that these protesters were just not in the mood for confrontation, though, check out this video, at about the one-minute mark, and stay for the priceless 1:15 shot of a cop brushing the Confederate flag aside.

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