Race Remark ‘Out Of Line,’ Parent Of World Champion Gymnast Says

Source: Kelly Whiteside / USA Today

Once again racist comments took hostage of a proud moment for a 16-year-old American gymnast. In this case the moment belonged to Simone Biles who became the first black woman to win a world all-around title last week.

After Biles won bronze on the balance beam at worlds in Antwerp, Belgium, Italian gymnast Carlotta Ferlito said in a video interview, “I told (teammate Vanessa Ferrari) that next time we should also paint our skin black so then we can win, too.”

“I found it very insulting,” Biles father, Ron, told USA TODAY Sports from their home in Spring, Texas. “The racial comment was really out of line.”

Biles mother, Nellie, said she had a talk with her daughter the past two days when the family learned about the comments. “It did bother her,” Nellie said. “I told her, ‘Don’t get roped into this’ and, ‘Don’t let those comments ruin this moment for you. Just be proud of your performance and outcome.’ People are entitled to their opinion. For her to go into this racism stuff is pointless, and she’s not going to address it.”

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  • Mitchell Jamerson

    she still a winner!

  • Kimm Anderson Bernier Irving

    Consider it a compliment and admission to the superior strength of our race… CONGRATULATIONS LOVE …WE ARE SO VERY PROUD YOU BELONG TO US!!

    • bellawings

      Way to take an ignorant statement and turn it in to an us versus them comment. I’m a minority but this is just as racist.

  • BlackMast

    Indicative of the reason that more Black Americans did not migrate to Europe when things “got bad” in the US… Some found success but many found seething racism bubbling underneath the seemingly civil and seemingly accepting smiling faces… From my limited experience, it is still there… (worse than around the US)

  • jball

    Good for her. Some day people will understand that God only made one race. The HUMAN race, underneath, we are all the same.

  • Don Crifor Diablo

    Somebody give me a hanky for Carlotta. It will come back bone dry.

  • Mavro

    Racism, sadly, is one of America’s greatest exports. Thanks to the internet, it spreads faster than a wildfire and is more toxic than a rattler’s venom. Think about the comments YOU post before blaming others for America’s failing reputation!!