Rochelle Riley: Kwame Kilpatrick’s Partners In Crime Should Face Harsher Punishments

Source: Rochelle Riley / Detroit Free Press

The  Kwame Kilpatrick saga that made Detroit a national symbol of corruption and foolishness is done. Today, the former mayor who put rap and adultery and partying before honor and reputation and career will be sentenced to prison for what will, for all intents and purposes, be the rest of his life.

With the minimum, he may be released when he is 57. With the maximum, which is expected, he will be 71. He will not be there for his sons’ decisions about wives, family and careers. He will not have a life with the wife who stood by him or the mistress who lay with him. He will have decades to think about how he could have handled what Detroit gave him differently.

Let me say this, so all the haters won’t get confused: I am not calling for leniency for Kwame Kilpatrick, who pummeled a once great city as it was struggling to stand. Federal sentencing guidelines make clear what he should get for the crimes he committed: extorting, taking kickbacks, racketeering.

But my problem is with everybody else, the other crooks, the people whose hands were attached to the bribes he took.

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