ROLAND S. MARTIN: Rep. Alan Grayson Crossed The Line, Wrong For Comparing The Tea Party To The KKK

ROLAND S. MARTIN: Rep. Alan Grayson Crossed The Line, Is Wrong For Comparing The Tea Party ToThe KKK by Roland S Martin on Mixcloud

Roland Martin weighs in on Rep. Alan Grayson comparing the Tea Party to the KKK.

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  • Jimmie76

    I respect Roland Martin and I agree with most of his viewpoints. However I must respectfully disagree with him on this point. How can you not compare the tea party with the KKK or any other hate group. They have been consistent in their disrespect and objectionable remarks when referring to our president, They went so far as to spit on Black legislatures, They not only allowed but accepted the confederate flag outside of the White House. One candidate has the Confederate flag as the background of his candidacy, numerous racist remarks numerous pictures and effigies disrespecting not only our president but indeed his entire family.

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