Sheila Stewart, Radio One Personality, Killed In Car Accident

Source: NBC Washington

A local radio personality was killed in a car accident in Atlanta, Georgia Thursday morning.

Sheila Stewart was on her way to work when she was involved in a car accident, Chris Wegmann, the Regional VP and General Manager for Radio One, confirmed.

Stewart, who worked for D.C.’s Radio One stations, had been staying with her sister and doing her work from Atlanta at the time of her death.

Her work in radio spanned 20 years. Stewart most recently served as the News and Community Affairs Director for Radio One’s D.C. stations, delivering the news for 93.9 WKYS-FM, Praise 104.1 WPRS-FM, WOL-AM, WYCB-AM, and WMMJ-FM, according to a bio on Praise 104.1’s website.

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  • Kimm Anderson Bernier Irving

    She is now resting in the arms of our Heavenly Father and there IS no better place to be. Prayers for the family. She was beyond beautiful and talented… <3

    • Sandra Booker

      Actually, she’s awaiting an autopsy. And living is a better place than that. Negroes, please!

      • brothapercy

        Ms. Booker, her “body” or “earth suit” may be awaiting an autopsy, but her “spirit” is indeed “resting in the arms of our Heavenly Father!”

        • Jen

          “Resting in the arms of our Heavenly Father” is the hope.

          • rockytwyman

            According to the Bible, she is merely sleeping and awaiting the second coming of Christ. The Bible tells us that the dead knoweth nothing and the spirit returns unto God who gave it. Check out Ecclesiastes. Her good works while on earth should earn her a place in the heavenly manions. She is only asleep and has not ascended to the heavenly kingdom yet. I look forward to meetin her and visiting her mansion. Sorry to burst the bubble of those who believe that saints go to heaven immediately when they die. This is a false teaching that has been perpetuate over the years. Read the Great Controversy by Ellen White for more inforation. May this gret community servant restt in peace.

          • ST

            Thank You rockytwyman. I will be adding E. White’s book to my book shelf. Thank You, again.

      • Chris Fit

        Incorrect. Her “body” is awaiting an autopsy. She has gone on to the next level.

      • vannetta ferguson

        how do you know ?

      • Guest

        Her body might be awaiting an autopsy but her soul is resting w The Lord. Hope you realize that before you leave this earth. And how would you know what living is since you seem to reside w the devil??? #take several seats

  • Jen

    How does anyone know where her spirit went?