11.10.2013 Sermon Notes: Rev. Dr. N.A. Tate, “Having A Plan That God Can Bless”

2013/11/10 Sermon Notes

Heritage Fellowship Church, Reston, VA
Rev. Dr. N.A. Tate

James 4:13-17 (NKJV)
“Having A Plan That God Can Bless”

Some believers think it’s almost Unspiritual to have a plan in life.

There is nothing wrong with having a plan but have you run them through headquarters by God?

Sin enters in when we leave God out.

1. James reminds us concerning the uncertainty of life. (V13)

– None of us knows what’s going to happen tomorrow.
– You can be on the top of the mountain today and be swept off by midnight.
– People’s dreams are shattered every day.
– Read Psalms 31

2. There also is the brevity of life we must keep in mind. (V14)

– no one knows what tomorrow might bring in your life or how long you will be here.
– when we are young, the pages of life move slow. But when older, they fly by.
– God wants us to not just spend time but to invest or time wisely in kingdom building

3. James speaks to the sufficiency of God’s will. (V15)

– we have to always remember to say, “if it’s the Lord’s will.”
– Paul says that often in his writings.
– The Lord’s will poses certain problems for us because our will moves faster than his.
– it’s hard for us to fathom us doing one thing and then God wants us to do another.
– There are many of us who have the best plans, the best investments, the best advisors, and we say we don’t need God’s blessings.
– It’s a dangerous thing to move forward in your life without asking God, “Is this in your will.”
– You have to trust that God will lead and guide you. Many of us live in places and married to folks we never thought would be the case.

4. There is danger in knowing what to do and not to do it. There is a responsibility in obeying God.

– When God opens your eyes, it is sinful to know and not do it. (v17).
– For you to move forward and not seek God’s blessing, it is sinful.