11.17.13 Sermon Notes: Rev. Dr. N.A. Tate, “The Powerful, Healing Effect of Prayer”


Heritage Fellowship Church, Reston, VA

Rev. Dr. N.A. Tate
James 5:13-18 (NKJV)

“The Powerful, Healing Effect of Prayer”

– James connects the agency of prayer.

We don’t discount the role doctors play in healing, but the ultimate authority and the final answer is in the hands of God.

Andrew Murray: “when we pray we change our natural strength into the supernatural strength of God.”

We pray “thy kingdom come, thy will be done.”

James writes in Chapter 4 “if it’s in God’s will.”

It is always a good time to pray.

In 5:13, James says there are three times to pray;

1. When you are going through a depression
2. When you are physically ill and sick.
3. When you are successful in life.

When we rely on our own abilities, we only get what out abilities can do.

But when we learn how to depend on the power of prayer, God has a special way of coming through for us.

The issue we have is as we pray, whether we believe God can truly heal.

1. We need to see the connection between prayer and healing (v16).

– There is a confession that has to precede the healing.
– A lot of us would rather conceal our sin than confess or sin.

There are private sins that only you and God know about. His advice: Keep it that way. Telling your secrets to a best friend may come out anyway.
– Go to your secret hiding place and confess your sins to God.

There are personal sins between you and someone else.

– You are to go to that person and make it right.

Go to Psalm 32 and read about David sinning with Bathsheba. Read Psalm 51.

There is public sin. That is when you do something that causes a breach between you and your family.

– that’s when you need a family meeting to get it right. That is where discipline comes in.

– the entire church suffers when just a few won’t get in line.

2. There is also intercession that prompts the healing.

– If you’re sick, call for help. No one knows if you’re in the hospital, call!
– When someone is sick, anoint them with all in the name of The Lord.
– The power is not in the oil but with God.
– It’s not the person but the power of prayer that will raise you up.
– When in the hospital, don’t send flowers or a card. Send someone who knows how to stretch out and pray before God.

3. There is the illustration that proves the healing. (V17)

Go to 1 Kings 17