According To Media Reports, Obama Is Responsible For At Least 8 ‘Katrinas’

Source: Judd Legum / ThinkProgress

On Friday, the New York Times ran a lengthy piece comparing the troubled rollout of Obamacare — including a dysfunctional website and the cancelation of some existing individual insurance policies — to President Bush’s botched response to Hurricane Katrina, a tragedy which cost at least 1,833 people their lives. ABC’s Good Morning America featured a similar segment, and both outlets relied on former advisers of George W Bush to bolster their point. But this is just latest in a long line of “Katrinas,” that Barack Obama is responsible for, according to the media. Here is the list:

1. BP Oil Spill

2. Bank Bailout

3. Benghazi Consulate Attack And The IRS

4. Hurricane Sandy

5. Unemployment

6. The Underwear Bomber

7. Haiti Earthquake

8. Obamacare

Four years ago, the New York Times derided comparing every Presidential error to Katrina as “a Category 5 cliché.” Melissa Harris Perry, writing in the Nation in 2010, was even harsher: “These metaphors reduce catastrophe to an object lesson, implying that the effects of the disaster have been resolved, that the plot has been resolved and that the continued suffering of our fellow citizens is little more than a literary device.”

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