Chris Brown Kicked Out Of Treatment Center For Violent Meltdown: Report

Source: Nancy Dillon / New York Daily News

Chris Brown got kicked out of anger management rehab after he threw a rock through his mom’s car window, sources told the Daily News.

The short-fused singer was in a Los Angeles courtroom Wednesday and listened as the judge ordered him to get more help after the violent rehab meltdown.

Judge James Brandlin ordered Brown to complete another 90 days of residential rehab and submit to periodic drug testing.

The judge also said Brown must continue to chip away at his previous community labor requirement at a pace of 24 hours per week.

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  • Jonathan Bagwell

    I really hope this dude gets better. I’m Team Breezy for life but he’s his own worst enemy.

  • thomasbone63

    This man needs jail time. He has issues that anyone without money would spend time in jail.