CIAA Championship Canceled After Winston-Salem State QB Is Attacked

Source: Daniel Uthman / USA Today

Winston-Salem State quarterback Rudy Johnson was expected to lead his team on the field Saturday as it attempts to win its third consecutive Central Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (CIAA) football championship. But after an alleged incident at a celebratory banquet Friday, Johnson won’t be able to play, and neither will anyone else.

The CIAA on Friday night canceled the game between Winston-Salem State and Virginia State in the wake of the incident, as well as the conference’s volleyball championships that also were to be held in Winston-Salem, N.C., this weekend. The move comes after Johnson was allegedly beaten by a group of Virginia State football players in a bathroom of a WSSU campus building during the CIAA football banquet.

The Winston-Salem Journal obtained an arrest warrant from Winston-Salem State campus police for Lamont Britt, a Virginia State sophomore running back, who was charged with misdemeanor assault inflicting serious injury. According to the Journal, Britt is being held in Forsyth County (N.C.) Jail with bond set at $7,500 and has a date in Forsyth District Court set for Dec. 9.

A voice message and email from USA TODAY Sports to campus police lieutenant and crime prevention officer Henry Gray were not returned.

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  • shawn Mc

    the culture has superseded their main priority or education and sports

  • shawn Mc

    the culture has superseded their main priority or education and sports

  • David Young

    I admit this incident is bad – but, it’s not what the media reported. This is an isolated incident involving just 2 players. One player was arrested for giving the other a black eye and cut above eye. There are no other injuries being reported. Other players from both teams were present in the bathroom – who after the OH S$#@ moment – probably moved to separate them. The VSU player has been charge…d with Assault causing Serious Injury. This is his alleged crime:

    An assault that inflicts serious injury is a Class A1 misdemeanor. A serious injury, while not defined in the statute, is any injury that could require medical attention. Usually, the victim is not required to actually seek or receive medical care; it is enough that the injury is of the sort that could require a doctor’s attention. Thus, there appears to be no “beat down” and, more importantly, no “vicious beating” as reported by WSSU’s Chancellor. #homework

    • Terence

      These young men need to remember that they were there to play football and not become a criminal! i understand the various “beefs’ betweeen teams but why does it have to come to violence at a damn banquet! This is deplorable and sends the wrong message!