Florida Woman Sentenced To 20 Years For Firing Warning Shot Wants Bail

Source: Steve Osunsami / ABC News

The Florida woman who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot during a dispute with her husband will appear at a bail hearing Wednesday.

Marissa Alexander of Jacksonville, Fla., was convicted of aggravated assault in March 2012 and sentenced to 20 years behind bars. An appellate court in September granted the mother of three a new trial, which will begin next year.

The appeals court said the trial judge gave the jury incorrect instructions on self-defense.

Alexander hopes to be released from prison Wednesday while she awaits trial in April, and prosecutors say they will be prepared.

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  • YolandaRThomas1

    Florida is Stuck on Stupid and applying racial policing/courts! This doesn’t pass the common sense taste for any citizen. In one area of Florida Zimmerman kills Trayvon a teenager and wasn’t arrested or held in jail the night of the murder. This woman shoots a warning shot, put in jail and is convicted for 20 years. This is when you know our justice system is highly corrupt.