Goalies Ray Emery, Braden Holtby Fight During Line Brawl (VIDEO)

Source: Chris Peters / CBS Sports

It was already ugly on the scoreboard, but it got really ugly on the ice when the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals engaged in a full line brawl that included both goaltenders dropping the gloves.

The whole thing started when Wayne Simmonds turned into a human wrecking ball the next shift after Washington scored to make it 7-0. He and Tom Wilson dropped the gloves. Then a few other players squared off, then Flyers goaltender Ray Emery made a beeline for Capitals goalie Braden Holtby, who appeared to have no interest in dropping the gloves.

It didn’t matter. Emery wouldn’t take no for an answer. The two goalies squared off and Emery let Holtby have it. If you’re not aware, Emery’s not new to this. He had been in two previous fights and is known as an exceptional scrapper among goalies.

Among the other fights on the ice, Steve Oleksy vs. Vincent Lecavalier and Alexander Urbomvs. Brayden Schenn. Emery got an extra two minor penalties for leaving his crease and an instigator, on top of a game misconduct.

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