Homeowner Charged With Second-Degree Murder In McBride case

Source: Oralandar Brand-Willams / The Detroit News

Detroit — A Dearborn Heights man was charged Friday with second-degree murder, manslaughter and possession of a firearm in a felony in the shooting death of 19-year-old Detroiter Renisha McBride.

Homeowner Theodore Wafer, 54, faces arraignment Friday afternoon in the charges, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced.

McBride was fatally shot in the face early Nov. 2 by Wafer,whose lawyer said was “justified” in firing at McBride. About two and a half hours earlier before the shooting at the home in the 16800 block of Outer Drive, McBride crashed into a parked car a mile away on Brammell and Warren in Detroit.

Worthy said Friday that the evidence shows Wafer did not act in self defense.

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  • jillandrew

    Just another example or some peoples sentiment towards black people… words can’t explain…

  • I do not agree with this man being charged for shooting this young lady. It is early in the morning. The girl was HIGH AND DRUNK and I am sure he warned her to get off his porch. You know she did not come to his door knocking softly and saying ever so sweetly, “Can you help me I have just been in an accident.”
    You know she came to that door acting a plum fool.
    Why can’t we ever see more than one side to a story?
    When it is black and white we only see the black side but when its black on black where is the concern?
    A young boy was shot by the police about two weeks ago (he was carrying a fake gun) and where was the outrage?
    Oh, I forgot.
    He wasn’t black.
    Anyway, this will be another Zimmerman case.
    He will be found not guilty ESPECIALLY AFTER ALL THE EVIDENCE HAS BEEN PRESENTED and all you “loyal to cause” black folk will be back to the same b.s. as usual.
    And the County Prosecutor is black and a woman?
    She’s just trying to keep her position and save face.

    • Pondering Observer

      One report said the accident happened 3 1/2 hours earlier. Had she stayed on the scene, she would have gotten help but she left. She returned. Someone called the police when they saw her back at the scene but she left again before they arrived. I read that she went to a house and stayed a long time then told them she wanted to go home. Wafely lives in a house on her block. Both houses are corner lots and are similar in structure. She was drunk and high and my have thought she was trying to get into her own house.