More Than Sticks And Stones: Contemporary Use Of The N-Word Has Not Lessened Its Impact For All

By Jason Whitlock

It’s impossible to pinpoint when the N-word became black America’s most cherished possession. But that fact is now impossible to deny.

We have reached the point where it wouldn’t surprise me to see Jay Z or another prominent black celebrity call for a Million N-word March on Washington to stop the tepid, informal debate regarding the appropriateness of black people using the slur. Black people’s right to call each other the N-word is now akin to protecting our rights to vote and to sit anywhere on a bus.

“This national debate that’s going on right now makes me uncomfortable,” Charles Barkley said Thursday night on TNT during a segment discussing Clippers guard Matt Barnes angrily tweeting the N-word after being ejected from a game. “I’m a black man. I use the N-word. I will continue to use the N-word among my black friends, with my white friends.”

ESPN’s Michael Wilbon actually kicked off the nationally televised defense of the N-word.

“People can be upset with me if they want,” he said on “Pardon the Interruption.” “I, like a whole lot of people, use the N-word all day every day my whole life. … I have a problem with white people framing the discussion for the use of the N-word.”

To read this article in its entirety visit ESPN.

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    These 2 idiots are the N’s they are talking about…SMDH

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    2 dumb rich Mf’s that need to shut the @# up!