Kendrick Johnson Footage Is ‘Suspicious’, Expert Says

Source: The Huffington Post

A forensic video analyst said he’s “suspicious” of newly released footage that authorities had hoped would help them in the case of Kendrick Johnson.

This month, footage was released from video cameras that investigators had hoped would show what happened in Johnson’s last moments.

But CNN spoke with forensic video analyst Grant Fredericks who said there are major flaws in the footage.

“(The surveillance video has) been altered in a number of ways, primarily in image quality and likely in dropped information, information loss,” Fredericks said. “There are also a number of files that are corrupted because they’ve not been processed correctly and they’re not playable. I can’t say why they were done that way, but they were not done correctly, and they were not done thoroughly. So we’re missing information.”

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  • Johnnerlyn Johnson

    Thank you, Roland Martin and NEWSONE, for keeping us abreast of the developments in this case. I have prayed, I trust, and I believe that “…justice will roll down like a mighty stream.”