Key & Peele Join Jon Stewart For Hilarious ‘Racist Or Not Racist?’ Panel

Source: Josh Feldman / Mediaite

The sketch comedy duo Key & Peele (Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele) dropped by The Daily Show Wednesday night and, before the interview segment of the show, they helped out Jon Stewart & Co. on a lively panel addressing whether some particular news item is racist or not racist, a question without an answer for many in the news media.

Daily Show correspondents Jessica WIlliamsJason Jones, and Aasif Mandvi made up the rest of the panel, with Jones playing the role of the ignorant white guy complaining about the lack of… “impartial judges.”

The panel weighed in on everything from a KKK Halloween costume (which Jones found “adorable”) to Richard Cohen (racist “against white people,” Key & Peele concluded) to Sarah Palin.

After actually listening to what Palin said, none of them thought her slavery remarks were racist, just “hella stupid” and “moronic.”

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