MEDIAITE: Roland Martin Interrogates White Candidate Who Won Texas Race by Pretending to Be Black

Source: Noah Rothman / Mediaite

On Tuesday, NewsOne host Roland Martin invited Dave Wilson, a white candidate who won in a race for Houston Community College Board of Trustees in a heavily African-American Texas district by strongly implying in his campaign literature that he was black, on his program to clarify the thinking behind his successful, if dishonest, campaign.

“Dave essentially gave the impression that he was a brother and Dave won,” Martin said in Wilson’s introduction, noting that his strategy successfully unseated a 24-year black incumbent.

“I did have a conscious effort to run this race on the issues and not skin color,” Wilson said. He said he knew that his district, which voted for President Barack Obama by more than 80 percent, was unlikely to elect a white conservative unless he “focused on the issues.”

Martin said that Wilson bragged that he was endorsed by someone with the same name as a local African-American congressional representative when it was in fact his cousin by the same name – a disclaimer which appeared in the fine print on his campaign literature.

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  • This is sad and hilarious at the same time.
    It’s sad because it shows the ignorance of black people to vote for someone JUST BECAUSE they thought he was black and not do anymore research than that.
    It’s hilarious because it proves the hypocrisy of those who claim that they vote based on the issues and not color.

    • CoCo Roux

      Your just as ignorant if you think this is a black problem. Seldom do folk exercise due diligence on candidates outside of the peripheral marketing schemes.

      • This is DEFINITELY a black issue.
        How else did this man get voted in?
        Obama was voted in TWICE mostly by black people who had NO CLUE what he even stood for YET because of his color they voted for him.
        Sad thing is NOW some of them are regretting it.
        Too late now.

  • Guest

    He should get sued and I hope they get as much as they can get AND more.