Stop And Frisk: AG’s Report Says Only 3 Percent Of NYPD Arrests Using Tactic End In Conviction

Source: Julia Dahl / CBS News

The New York attorney general released a report Thursday claiming that only three percent of arrests made using the controversial “stop and frisk” tactic lead to a conviction, and just 0.1 percent lead to an arrest for a violent crime.

The NYPD calls the report “clearly flawed,” according to a statement by Deputy Commissioner John J. McCarthy.

Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman’s office reports that they analyzed 150,000 arrests made by New York City police officers between 2009 and 2012, stemming from 2.4 million stops.

In his statement, McCarthy took issue with the report, stating that “this analysis somehow just ignores situations where an officer’s action deters or prevents a crime from occurring in the first place.”

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  • stampece

    Totally false headline, up for two days without correction. 51% (HALF) of stop-and-frisk arrests resulted in conviction, according to the report. The 3% figure represents the number or convictions as a percent of all stop-and-frisks, not arrests. In other words, the conviction rate for stop-and-frisk arrests is about the same as that for non-stop-and-frisk arrests, which is 52% according to NYPD.