White Candidate Pretends To Be Black To Win Election

Source:   / Yahoo! News

Dave Wilson is white. But to win a seat on the Houston Community College Board of Trustees in a district predominantly comprised of African-American voters, Wilson, a conservative Republican, led voters to believe he was black.

According to CBS affiliate KHOU-TV, Wilson’s direct mail campaign included a flier with smiling black faces he says he found on the Internet. “Please vote for our friend and neighbor Dave Wilson,” the accompanying text read.

In another flier, the text said he had been endorsed by Ron Wilson, a popular black former state representative. But the Ron Wilson who endorsed him was Dave’s cousin Ron, not the ex-lawmaker.

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  • debaslaughter

    Isn’t this deceptive? Shouldn’t there be a recall on this?

    • Balb

      All politicians are deceptive. Did he really pretend to be black, or did he just take race out of the equation? Either way he won by a majority vote which just says that people agreed with what he said, not who he was.

      • CoCo Roux

        Idiot. You can’t take race out of the equation when you use race and an implied position.

  • CoCo Roux

    Maybe we need to give him the token negro treatment. What’s up my Ninja kind of experience. Ask him for his street creed and all of that other ridiculousness he feels about the black race. SMDH

  • PaigeINKaty

    It just goes to show that voters really need to be aware of who they are voting for…just can’t be lazy and go by surface presentation alone…research read about the candidate, look at previous activities political and not…so one can make a informed decision..and this guy played on that ignorance…and WON.