Who Is Ron Wade? Meet The Man Who Spent Four Years And $200,000 Building A Replica Of The Oval Office In His Home (PHOTOS)

Source: Andrew Berry / International Business Times

A Texan has spent more than four years and $200,000 building a replica of the Oval Office in his home. Ron Wade of Longview also owns the world’s largest collection of presidential memorabilia.

“When I told people I was going to build the Oval Office, I don’t think they realized that it was going to be exactly the same as the one the president sits in every day,” Wade said. “But it’s identical down to the last detail.”

According to the Daily Mail, the 63-year-old father of two now hosts tours of his vast collection, which includes JFK’s former car and rocking chair, as well as a dresser owned by President Calvin Coolidge.

“I have no idea how much the collection is worth — there are so many pieces from the White House which I couldn’t put a value to,” he said. “I wish I had a warehouse that I could fill with about 200 file cabinets more. I work every single day classifying items in my collection and putting them in order.”

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