Woman Arrested 396 Times, Seeking Fresh Start

Source: CBS News

CHICAGO – Shermain Miles, a woman who has been arrested 396 times since 1978, has been released from an Illinois prison after serving almost one year for her latest conviction, assaulting Alderman James Cappleman two summers ago in Uptown, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Miles, 52, told the paper following her release from Logan Correctional Center in Downstate Lincoln, that she has permanently given up booze, drugs and her old friends in an effort to get back on track.

“I’m just not going to go back around there,” Miles told the paper. “I can love [my friends] from a distance. Anybody that’s drugging, I can’t be around.”

She was reportedly headed to Humboldt Park, a second-chance residential home for ex-inmates, according to the paper.

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