#AskRKelly Backfires Mightily On Twitter

Source: The Village Voice

In what turned out to be a dunderheaded PR move, the intellectual stalwarts running the R. Kelly Twitter account (remember, Kelly is illiterate) decided it would be a good idea to start a hashtag game called #AskRKelly. The results were as disastrous as you’d expect they might’ve been, with the added awful bonus no one asked for of CNN anchors laughing at tweets referencing statutory rape. We sifted through the rubble of the Twitter aftermath. It’s a shame Kelly can’t read these.






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  • Velma Berry

    There is forgiveness out here you have to be open and forgiving of others, you must show that you want to change the perception that these things have entered into your life. Say blame it on the drugs or not knowing any better your critics have faults they just havnt surfaced yet. Ive never been rich but im sure you can find something else to do.

  • Tamara Hurt

    Hilarious! He said ask any questions and that’s what they did… ask! If you are man and adult enough to ask your fans to ask their burning questions, you’d best be ready to answer any and all question regardless of how absurd! That’s how Q&A works!!!