Beyonce Surprises Wal-Mart Customers By Paying For Holiday Gifts

Source: Randee Dawn / Today / NBC News

Saving your holiday shopping until the last minute can have benefits, particularly if Beyoncé is in the store. The singer visited a Wal-Mart in Tewksbury, Mass., on Friday and made 750 shoppers very happy while wishing them a “Merry, merry Christmas.”

As reported in the Lowell Sun, Bey was out promoting her new self-titled album, which she released on Dec. 13 on iTunes without any prior fanfare. The release became the fastest-selling of all time on the digital music site, but led to Target and Amazon deciding not to stock the album.

Wal-Mart, however, does carry the album — which Beyoncé noted during her visit had just arrived — and she wanted to make sure she gave the chain a big thumbs-up right in time for the holidays. During her shopping trip, the singer walked around the store pushing a shopping cart and chose a few items for purchase.

Then, at the checkout stand she took to the “microphone” (actually a store intercom) and announced, “Everyone in the store right now, the first $50 of your holiday gifts are on me. Merry, merry Christmas from Beyonce.”

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