Beyonce’s Big Secret Is A Music Game Changer

Source: Ann Oldenburg / USA Today

“I see music,” says Beyonce. “It’s more than just what I hear.”

And with that, on Friday, the superstar broke all the music molds and dropped her bombshell Beyonce“visual album,” releasing 14 new tracks and 17 new videos all at once on iTunes in the dead of night and surprising everybody — inside and outside the music industry.

“It’s funny,” says Billboard‘s Bill Werde. “I was excited, to be honest with you,” even though he says the album was expected throughout the year.

“Typically a big artist will release this when she does a big tour or a Super Bowl halftime show or a Pepsideal. Those are the normal times that a star will seize to release a new album. So just when everyone decides it’s not coming, Beyonce not only drops it, but it’s a) amazing and b) this fully, elaborately conceived package with videos.”

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