‘Black As Hell’ Santa Claus Appears On SNL‘s Weekend Update To Address Megyn Kelly

Source: Tommy Christopher / Mediaite

On this week’s Saturday Night Live, Santa Claus appeared on Weekend Update to settle the argument that Fox News’ Megyn Kelly started this week when she declared that Santa Claus is white. One day after Kelly herself addressed the controversy, Kenan Thompson‘s Santa jumped into the fray to settle everything, and assured viewers that he is “black as hell,” explained how the impression that he is white actually helps get Christmas night deliveries done faster, and said “White guys taking credit for what a black guy did? I’m more used to it than I am okay with it.”

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  • Carla

    So every Black woman lives in Atlanta by her Momma? Really? He makes fun of Kwanza and says that Mrs. Claus could Never be Black! WOW! This skit was just as bad as Megyn’s Rant……..He just added more Fuel to the Fire…..

  • Keith Flippen

    No, Carla. Meghan Kelly is a news host who pretends to represent fact. This is a COMEDY show and is based in satire.