Bus Passengers Rise Up Against Armed Robber: Caught On Tape

Source: GMA / ABC News

Newly released surveillance video shows the terrifying moments an armed robber boarded a Seattle bus and how passengers took him down.

The incident began Nov. 25 when a masked man got on the bus at a stop in downtown Seattle and, at first, sat down like a fellow passenger.

“We noticed that his face was kind of covered and he was wearing a hoodie, too, so you couldn’t quite tell what was going on ,” passenger Chris Briggs told local ABC affiliate KOMO.

The gunman, identified by Seattle police as 19-year-old Trevonnte Brown, then pulled out a handgun and demanded that two passengers hand him their cellphones.

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  • Murrays

    Its about damn time

  • Duke

    No. Let him have the damn cell phone. Luckily the gun didn’t go off and shoot that poor little girl sitting next to the “hero.” The same girl they all fell on. It’s just not the smartest move because some thieves are quick to pull the trigger. These kinds of criminals are petty thieves looking for a quick buck. They’re not mass murders. Fortunately it all turned out okay. A friend of mine (a black belt in some form of martial art), once made a decisive and skilled move to take down an armed robber. He succeeded, but the gun still went off and grazed my friend. He said he wouldn’t do it again, he’d give up the money instead. Also, it’s quite irresponsible of the news anchor to encourage this kind of citizen response. We are not in the last days, yet. We are not citizens under siege. We shouldn’t act like it until we are.