George Zimmerman Won’t Be Prosecuted For Domestic Abuse

Source: Michael Winter / USA Today

Florida prosecutors said Wednesday that they would not file domestic violence charges against George Zimmerman after his girlfriend told police he had pointed a shotgun at her three weeks ago.

The move comes two days after Zimmerman submitted an affidavit from Samantha Scheibe stating she did not want “my boyfriend” charged with aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief. She said investigators had misinterpreted her statements about the Nov. 18 incident at the home in Apopka, Seminole County, that she had been sharing with Zimmerman.

“I want to be with George,” the 27-year-old Scheibe said in the affidavit she signed Friday.

Scheibe called 911 to report that he had pointed a shotgun at her, smashed a glass-top coffee table, pushed her outside and locked himself inside after she told him to move out. A search warrant revealed that Zimmerman had five guns and more than 100 rounds of ammunition when deputies arrested him.

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  • Leroy Eugene Hudson

    Not happy about this. I had hoped this man would get help and maybe in that state he could stop vilifying a good young man and bring truth to the case. But there was almost a “chickens coming home to roost” in two domestic violence scenarios.

  • Living with racism

    in Tonawanda, NY they will still go ahead with CRIMINAL PROSECUTION because Domestic Violence victims often times turn around and do just this! What is Florida thinking? It doesn’t matter what she writes on a piece of paper!!! What the world saw that day and heard that day was a fearful women on the phone! and a man saying let me tell my side of the story. All typical DV… We not going to pay attention until he kills someone else and then we will let him off on that crime too!