Herman Cain: GOP Has ‘Branding Problem,’ Potential 2016 Candidates ‘All White’

Source: Andrew Kirell / Mediaite

Appearing on Fox’s Happening Now on Tuesday morning, former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain lamented the Republican “branding problem,” specifically pointing to unfocused leadership, a lack of cohesion among factions, and a gaggle of all-white potential candidates for 2016.

Cain agreed with Fox host Bill O’Reilly‘s assessment that the GOP suffers from “no real central authority,” adding several examples of his own.

“Last November, the Republicans were supposed to pick up some seats in the Senate and maybe the House, and they didn’t. They were supposed to win the presidency running against President Obama’s bad record; they didn’t,” he told host Martha MacCallum.

“The Democrats,” Cain added, “they stick together even if they’re wrong and even if they lie. At least they all to can it consistently. Just look at Obamacare.”

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