LeBron James, Kevin Hart Plan Movie

Source: Brian Windhorst / ESPN

LeBron James has been chasing his first feature film almost as long as he chased his first championship. Attached to a new co-star, comedian Kevin Hart, James is giving a comedy about an adult fantasy basketball camp another chance.

Hart, who has become close to James and several other members of the Miami Heat over the past few years, will write a movie called “Ballers” that will portray him as the lesser-known brother of an NBA star (James) who attends the fantasy camp. The movie is tentatively scheduled to be shot next summer in Miami.

Hollywood media outlets are already comparing the pairing to the movie “Twins,” when Danny DeVito played opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger 25 years ago. Hart is 5-foot-3, James is 6-8.

Hart is involved in numerous projects at the moment, and so is James, who in addition to his play with the Heat is developing a basketball sitcom for the Starz channel that he’s currently not planning to star in.

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