Mandela Memorial Sign Interpreter Reportedly Once Accused Of Murder

Source: Andrew Kirell / Mediaite

According to South African news network eNCA, the Mandela memorial’s “fake” sign language interpreter Thamasanqa Jantjie has a long rap sheet of criminal charges, including murder and rape.

The sign language interpreter reportedly signed nonsense during the memorial, while standing next to the likes of President Barack Obama during speeches. Jantjie later told the press that he suffers from schizophrenia and was “hallucinating” during the event, leading many to ask how on earth he was able to get clearance to stand next to world leaders on a stage before thousands.

eNCA reports on the lengthy list of criminal charges:

eNCA’s investigations have found that Thamsanqa Jantjie, who is being treated for schizophrenia, has also faced rape (1994), theft (1995), housebreaking (1997), malicious damage to property (1998), murder, attempted murder and kidnapping (2003) charges.

Many of the charges brought against him were dropped, allegedly because he was mentally unfit to stand trial.

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  • Unae

    Shouldn’t our Secret Service have vetted this guy?