Megyn Kelly: Santa Reaction Was Race-Baiting

Source: Hadas Gold / Politico

Megyn Kelly said Friday evening she was making offhand and “tongue-in-cheek”comments about Santa Claus and Jesus Christ being white, and that the controversy over the segment is a result of “race-baiting” while the real debate was lost.

Devoting more than 15 minutes of “The Kelly File” to the subject and bringing on two panelists to discuss the reaction, Kelly said the original Wednesday segment was just a way to bring some humor to her show.

“I realize that the piece by [Aisha] Harris which went on to argue that Santa should be a penguin was also tongue in cheek. That’s in part why we covered the story in the first place,” Kelly said. “Humor is part of what we try to bring to the show. Sometimes that’s lost on the humorless.”

Kelly played several clips of other networks and late-night comedians discussing or making jokes about the Santa segment. The frenzied reaction would be funny, Kelly said, “if it were not so telling of our society. In particular the knee jerk instinct by so many to race bait.” She attributed part of the blowback to Fox News’ popularity.

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  • thomasbone63

    It just proved the point on how ignorant she is in both dealing with santa and also Jesus Christ. Santa is fantasy, and during Jesus Christ era, there were no whites in the Middle East.

    • joseph

      well said

      • thomasbone63

        As a educated news reporter, it would seem she would know these things before coming on tv with such stupid point of views. She is high school educated, right?

  • Eric Coleman

    Yeah, right.

  • Rather than accuse her respondents of being humorless, she should accept the fact that she is just not funny.

  • Shazza

    What humour? She sounded pretty angry to me.

  • joseph

    she is stupid

  • joseph

    just shut up she so low and tasteless

  • Tiffany

    How is it race-baiting if the conversation was about race to begin with??

  • Truth1959

    I’m not sure which was worse…her “tongue-in-cheek” comments about Santa and Jesus or her pathetic reaction to the backlash!

  • Carla

    So it was funny? However the look on your face did not look like you were telling jokes! She was speaking on the RACE of Santa! So how could the peoples response to that cause Race Baiting? Her Rant was Race Based…Period!