Miami Gardens Police Chief Resigns Amid Scandal

Source: Miami Herald

Miami Gardens Police Chief Matthew Boyd resigned Wednesday amid allegations that officers under his command have systematically committed harassment, intimidation and civil rights violations.

Boyd, the city’s first and only police chief, had disputed the allegations, which were detailed two weeks ago in a story by the Miami Herald.

The story revealed that members of the force’s specialized crime units routinely stopped, searched and arrested patrons of the 207 Quickstop, a Miami Gardens convenience store just west of Florida’s Turnpike near Sun Life Stadium.

Earl Sampson, 28, a customer who also worked at the store, was stopped by police 419 times over the past five years, city records show. Of those stops, he was cited more than 160 times with trespassing-related offenses. In at least two instances, officers came into the store and hauled him away — for trespassing — while he was in the midst of working.

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