NewsOne Now 12.24.13 Recap

NewsOne Now 12.24.13: Prominent civil rights leaders blast the Georgia judicial nominees of President Obama. Our NewsOne Now panel breakdown the potential fallout and how the Obama Administration will respond to the criticism. Today’s NewsOne Now panel featured Avis Jones-DeWeever, Catul Kiti and Anthony Nolen.

Have you finished shopping for the holidays? If you answer is no, Mitzi Miller from Jet Magazine had a few last minute gift ideas for you.

Then we discussed the real meaning of Kwanzaa with “Culture Queen” Jessica Smith.

  • Annette

    The public needs to know about room #140 at macy’s department store, this room has jail cells, where” supected” shoplifters are detained. They are usually held for hours and are required to pay huge fines to be released, if you refuse to pay the police is called even though you may be innocent. This mostly happens to people of color, and it needs to stop!