President Obama Snaps A Selfie At Mandela’s Memorial Service

Source: Caitlin Dewey / The Washington Post

Fresh off the latest round of controversy regarding when and where it’s appropriate to take a photo of yourself, President Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt apparently snapped a selfie at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, where they’re all guests.

The photo shows the three smiling for a smartphone while Michelle Obama stares into the distance. A series of hilarious follow-up photos, practically screaming for a caption contest, show Obama laughing with Thorning-Schmidt and touching her arm before turning inexplicably somber. The first lady looks stern — dare we say disapproving? — throughout.

Thorning-Schmidt and Obama have met officially at least twice before, most recently in September in Stockholm. Thorning-Schmidt also visited the White House in February, when she and Obama discussed economic policy and the situation in Syria. The Danish PM also has daughters slightly older than Malia and Sasha Obama, which came up during the meeting.

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  • Tired of the HATE

    Can a Lady just have a mood, Once, or even pms. She is human, not super human.
    Well. She did look like she was ready to kick some butt. She has every right to have a attitude once in a while.

    • Marie Bano

      Michelle looks serious because she is at a memorial service. She acted correctly why the other three were like children. Stop with the angry black women rubbish it is old and tired.

      • Tired of the HATE

        They call me an ABW at work every day. So who gives a damn.

  • it’s me

    the people in front of him are talking the people in back of him are talking who knows what everyone else in the stadium is doing. they qued in on him taking, not a selfie, but, a pic with whoever the couple is next to him. look at where his one hand is and look at where both that woman’s hands are. it is clearly her phone. this was probably hours long and I am certain that they aren’t the only ones

  • Michelle – When you leave the White House, leave the attitude there as well.

  • PaMaDu

    keep it moving, Roland…nothing wrong with this picture and your implication saddens me….