‘Scandal’s’ Black D.C. Fans Tweet The S#!t Out Of The Finale

Source: The Daily Caller

Washington’s biggest blackest Scandal fans were beside themselves when it came to the hit drama’s season finale Thursday night. They include Marion Barry, TV One’s Roland Martin, author/blogger Sophia Nelson and more. Barry, unfortunately, had a slow night. He usually tweets the crap out of this show. But where he bailed, other loyal watchers picked up his slack.

What made this show pointedly emotional for black fans was that writer Shonda Rhimes went all in for the shock factor when she had the very black Rowan Pope (father of crisis manager Olivia Pope who’s sleeping with the President) call the pale white President “boy” to his face. She also had the President tell Rowan that his daughter tastes good, but that’s a whole other matter. The finale was drowning in racial overtones. But the “boy” moment cinched it all. In the end, Jake Ballard (Olivia’s other white love interest) takes Rowan Pope‘s job at the B613 counterterrorism agency.

(For those who don’t watch, you should be ashamed of yourselves. None of this will make sense to you. But if you must follow along here, Rowan Pope is Olivia Pope’s – Kerry Washington – possible sociopath father. This would be for you, Mediaite editor Josh Feldman, who wrote this on Twitter Thursday night: “Someone sell me on Scandal, because everyone is obsessed with this show and I don’t get it.” Feldman, just stop while you’re behind and take your white Jewish ass off Twitter when Scandal is on.)

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