Steve Harvey Interviews President Obama At The White House

Source: Lilly Workneh / theGrio

Steve Harvey interviewed President Barack Obama for his daytime talk show and learned that he shared a lot more in common with the president than he anticipated.

The former comedian and current host of The Steve Harvey Show visited the White House and left politics aside when he talked to President Obama. Instead, he touched on more personal topics that drew close to home for the two men.

“The greatest moment in that interview for me was [when] he was talking about his grandmother, who he misses so,” Harvey told NBC4 days following his interview with President Obama. “She passed in her eighties and my mom passed in her eighties.

“And I said to the president, ‘I heard a rumor that your mother and my mother had met, and they are on the front row watching us right now. And that was a pretty cool moment.”

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