TMZ Asks Readers If They Refer To Black People As African-American Or The N-Word

Source: Carrie Healey / theGrio

Celebrity gossip site TMZ create a poll in one of its recent posts, asking readers to vote on whether they refer to black people as African-American or the n-word.

The controversial poll was placed in a post in which Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight said to TMZ that he does not like being called African-American and feels there are situations when the n-word is acceptable.


“I like [the n-word] better than African-American,” Knight said. “I’m not from Africa. I’m black.”

Before the voting box, TMZ writes, “At first his theory sounds a little shocking, but maybe he has a point. So we gotta ask…”

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  • Friday Foster-ABWW

    They are using the the words of an ignorant felon to say what they really want to call African Americans.

    • Celeste Harrell

      Its a set up let one of them call him that and learn how it feels to be held over a balcony. LOL..

  • simplyme89

    As a black american i don’t prefer either bc I’m not african nor I’m not the n word. Im simply black


    Was pissed at SleazeMZ when I saw the headline but this is a great example of how we make ourselves look dumb SMDH