Venom Between Obama And Rangel

Source: Michael Gartlan / New York Post

They’re two of the most powerful African-American politicians in the land. And by most accounts, President Obama and Rep. Charles Rangel hate each other.

The most recently revealed salvo in their war of words — Obama’s assertion that Rangel is a “hack,” according to the political tome “Double Down” — is just one element of a long-dysfunctional relationship.

Rangel supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary, but the seeds of mutual disdain were planted before that, according to Democratic insiders and staffers for both pols.

“There’s a cultural difference. There was always a pecking order of who [Rangel] perceived as being part of the struggle during the civil-rights movement,” said Vincent Morgan, a Rangel aide from 2001 to 2004 who campaigned for Obama in 2008 and ran against the Harlem congressman in 2010.

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  • Carlisias

    Crabs in a barrel mentality. I thought it was up to the people to decide who they wanted to represent them in office. Barack Obama should not have to kiss Charles Rangel’s ring to get his respect. If I were Rep Rangel I’d be trying to gather as many reputable people I could to be in my corner considering his past ethics violations.