Arsenio: Lee Daniels On Growing Up Gay In The Ghetto – ‘There Was Never A Closet’ (VIDEO)

Source: Tim Molloy / TheWrap

Director Lee Daniels told Arsenio Hall that he doesn’t worry about whether “The Butler” wins awards — and that making the film helped him understand his father’s homophobia.

Asked about growing up gay in the ghetto, Daniels told Hall on Monday’s “Arsenio Hall Show,” “There was never a closet… My earliest memories were coming down the stairs in my mother’s high heels at six years old while my dad’s playing cards with the buddies.”

Daniels said his homosexuality always complicated his relationship with his father.

“He was embarrassed, I think,” Daniels said. “And I didn’t understand why he was so hard on me about being gay. And Arsenio, I didn’t realize until after I did ‘The Butler’ that at that time he was a second-class citizen and that he was called [expletive deleted]. He wasn’t a man. And so when he saw that I was gay he thought that that was even — ‘Oh my God, this kid, what is this kid going to encounter?’

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