Beyoncé’s Provocative Instagram Photo Draws Christian Group’s Ire

Source: ABC News

Beyoncé’s attention-grabbing photo of her posing in front of a painting of The Last Supper by Andy Warhol has caused some shock on social media, including a conservative Christian group’s condemnation of the image.

The American Family Association, based in Tupelo, Miss., has blasted the Instagram photo, according to the  Washington Post.

The singer took the photo on the counter of Miami Beach’s Jugofresh juice bar in front of the Warhol mural, complete with camouflage.

The picture was “an act of disrespect towards Jesus Christ … [that] had to be done intentionally,” AFA President Tim Wildmon told the Christian Post.

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  • Sundance Fanci

    My ohhh my.. another Beyoncé conspiracy theory, people just love to stir up controversy…stop making mountains out of mole hills and focus on a bigger picture….Only she knows what her motives were if any at all…But at the end of the day only Beyoncé can get Beyoncé to heaven!

    • Crystal

      We as humans cannot get ourselves to heaven. God have to final approval, not us. It that was the case, why worship God and his son? If everyone stop giving these celebrities so much power and credit…then and direct their attention to the needs of the poor, then we would not have to worry about what they do. Personally, I am not moved by another actions that celebrities or the world does. I rather focus my energy on more meaningful this than this. God Bless!

  • DavidAmakobe

    What does the Bible say again? ” Deut 8–10 “‘You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or serve them; for I the LORD your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing steadfast love to thousands of those who love me and keep my commandments.” Jesus is not in the Moral, the Conservative group has it wrong!

    • Sista Mekah

      trust yahwee not man. not a preacher. trust yourself.

    • buzztrucker

      It’s true. We can depict Jesus all we want but Beyonce’s message should alienate and frustrate Christian households. The effect her motives and message have on the youth who listen to her should be the sticking point for a lot of followers of Christ: not some pose in front of a rendition of “The Last Supper”.

  • Umm….yeah

    Why is a painting of the last supper on top of a juicebar? Why is the picture of the last supper in camouflage, no one is mad that a beautiful picture can be defaced, even if it is a Warhol? Foolishness all around in making this an issue. I am more inclined to believe she was posing to get the effect of the word juicy in her picture, but that’s just my opinion.

  • Tascha

    I don’t know what all of the fuss is about… She doesn’t serve the God I serve. She makes it clear the god that she worships. I read the end of the Good book WE (believers in the most High God the Great I AM) Win! Christians you are giving her publicity which she loves. Then you have people arguing to either condemn her or support her. Chaos who loves that? She is a non factor. Whether she disrespect Jesus or not. Is that going to change the outcome ? We WIN! Beyonce, the devil, Satanist don’t move me. Don’t let her pimp you. You know what you find in a horse stable right… so don’t be surprised when go in you step in it. (throwing down the mic)!

    • Drika

      It’s people like you that give real Christians a bad rep. Sit down!

      • Tascha

        All of the people who commented you focused on me. Thank you…. What upset you? As a Christian I love Beyonce my God commands me to. I actually pray for her (believe it or not) I just want Christians to stop stating the obvious. She doesn’t worship the God that I serve (do some research & find out). So instead of saying oooh look what she did. Do something! Let’s start doing what Jesus said to do. Love… which conquers ALL. Pray, intercede, declare you know Christian stuff. So what there is evil in the world. There has been & always will be evil in the world until Jesus comes back. If you are not a Christian I understand why you are offended. If you are a Christian get in your Word & let the Holy Spirit guide you in all Truth. (graciously) sitting down Drika (still throwing down the mic).

  • Angie B. Martin

    Why isn’t this article about the BAR that has the picture up?? Why do these groups (and quite frankly some hypocritical, hypersensitive, wannabe holier-than-thou types) get their knickers all in a knot because she takes a picture at the bar at a nightclub?? She didn’t paint the picture. She doesn’t own the bar. Why is SHE being criticized for taking a picture? Good grief. Some people REAAAAALLLLY need to get a life and stop presuming to know who she serves or who she worships. Worry about the plank in YOUR EYE people and leave the girl alone.

    • CaveJohnNYC

      I hear you…I do not believe the issue is so much that the painting was made in Disrespect or a Health Juice Bar was disrespectful in having it in their space…. The Issue is the Positioning of Beyonce in the Middle of the Photo to appear as if she is Jesus of Nazzareth.

  • Davis

    We, as Christians, should not be so quick to JUDGE. Beyoncé is responsible for her own salvation and she has to answer to God one day. We should turn our cheek and let our Father deal with this. Act accordingly. Don’t support her if you don’t like the antics she pulls. Have a blessed day everyone.

    • Sista Mekah

      Christians are the biggest judgers espcially thinking that there way is the only way. christians are brainwashed.

      • buzztrucker

        We don’t think that our way is the only way. Jesus said that and we believe him because he rose from the dead and many miracles are still being witnessed in his name today. True Christians think, act, and feel that it is the only way because Jesus said it and we follow Christ. God Bless you.

  • Sista Mekah

    Well Michaeal Angelo drew the fictious picture anyway. His cousin had just got realeased from jail and he grabbed the rest of the criminals in the picture. The pope ordered him to do so. Christians need to do there her/history on Christianity. I can guarantee you they will be disappointed. I woke up to truth 4 years ago and went through a 2 week depression. I was angry at the lies i was taught since 12 years old. ASK questions! Think for yourself. Pastors are the biggest pimps. Stop giving away your money and pay your dam bills. Times are hard.