Bill O’Reilly Says Black Americans Are Poor Because Of Obama And “The Culture”

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Speaking on his Fox News show on Thursday, O’Reilly noted that black Americans are among President Obama’s most dedicated and enduring supporters. But — but — O’Reilly also revealed some video footage in which two black men criticize Obama, which is bad news for Obama because two people is like one person, doubled.

O’Reilly next transitions to talking about how black people are struggling in the lackluster economic recovery, citing high rates of unemployment and a lower median household income. “So, after five years in office, President Obama has not really lifted the fortunes of African Americans,” O’Reilly continues. “The question is, why not?”

Here’s Bill’s answer: “…it’s partially due to the culture.”

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  • This is that B.S. in O’Reilly’s life! Yeah it’s culture alright, white supremacist culture. The politics of respectability does not save black people from racism, social or economic. it is easier to blame black people then it is to exposed the real culprit here which is racism. “We the People”, should really read “We the White People”. The same racial discrimination existed before young black men exposed their underwear, rap music, single parent households, and ebonics. White supremacist society was established the moment they landed at Plymouth Rock.

    Just as the good slaves were allowed to work in the big house and get the perks that go along with it. The good Black folks who adhere to and promote white supremacy receive those same “big house” perks as long as they are respectable and work hard. But don’t fool yourself, you will still be classified as a ni66a. All Bill Oreilly and his crew are doing is just re-enforcing white supremacy.

    • Gregory Levi

      It’s time for us black folks to stop blaming white folks for problems we bring on ourselves. Has racism brought problems to black america yes. Racism is not responsible for these young black males sleeping with young black females and if they get pregnant the boys are no where to be found. Rap music use to be about love and unity. Holding a girl’s hand, and fun summer time parties. Then it evolved into calling females bitches and hoes. Yes racism by some in the white community has had (and still does) an impact on the black community. However, not all of our problems are white people’s fault

      • KAP

        I don’t know one black person who blames white people for
        ALL their problems, but whites were the cause of some of the problems in the
        black community. A lot of people don’t give the withholding of education for
        over 245 years,
        Jim Crow, segregation, and now republican controlled states its full credit. I
        firmly believe that the withholding of educations from Black Americans for more
        than 2 centuries is the #1 cause of the issues we have in the black community. Whites
        think that just because the playing field has been somewhat leveled and some
        blacks appear to be living good, and that we have a black president, that
        everything should be OK. Racism, community imposed segregation, and substandard
        education is still prevalent in more schools than you may think. It’s going to
        take 245 more years of playing catch-up before black Americans are where they
        need to be.

  • Gregory Levi

    I don’t agree with everything Bill O’Reilly said. A few things hes right about and the rest he is wrong on. I don’t know where he found those fools from but they should know their facts. The President has the executive authority to force businesses that have contracts with the federal government to provide a certain wage for their employees. (Im glad he did it) to answer that one idiot’s question “what about the rest of us” the President needs Congress to send him a bill in order to raise the minimum wage for everybody else. The Republicans are blocking that. So blame the Republicans for everybody else not getting an increase. Black america is still suffering large unemployment under his presidency. Yes. But he is not the reason it’s like that. Black America was put in this situation because of the two Bushes Presidencys. The Bushes are the reason why Black America has a high unemployment rate. The current president is trying to fix it and wants to fix it. However, it will take time.

    • Sean Delgado

      These guys are from Chicago, one of the worst Unemployment cities in the Nation, they have a legitimate argument and theres just so many times you can keep on blaming the last president.

  • A. Murry

    I do agree with the culture aspect. If you change the culture you change the people thinking. Unfortunately the worse epidemic on the African-American wasn’t crack, it was hip hop culture. A culture inherently encourage African American self hatred. It isn’t President Obama.

  • Sungoddess

    Why do old white men think they know about everybody but themselves,black people women if you have never walked in my shoes you don’t have a clue second of all if I recall there are many poor white people too.

  • Mister Oh

    Really? A slow BLUES GUITAR riff in the background? OMG. [facepalm]

  • Mister Oh

    Make sure you use the Banjo Duel from Deliverance for background music for every future story about something Bill O’Reilly says.

  • yanni54

    Stuck on stupid as usual! if it’s the Obama Administration and the culture is the reason blacks are poor then I guess he can now acknowledge that the reason for so many poor whites in this country is because of Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. and NO DOUBT, George Bush, Jr. Also it’s because instead of supplying the masses with decent wage jobs, they give the big money to a handful of lying idiots like him and the others on Fox! SOMEONE needs to tell him when he becomes a black man then he can speak from experience, but until then he can only speak according to his teleprompter and what his bosses tell him to say!

  • Eboeye

    Maybe he’s finally telling the truth, since Obama real job is to use his office to financially drag Black people only out of the basement of poverty…….so the truth is out now…..all of those preceding White president’s use their office to ensure that White people got an economical advantage…thank you Oreilly, now that you have affirm to us what a Black president suppose to do and what White Presidents been doing.

  • Almost ashamed to admit this

    Although I do not agree with everything he says, Honestly since “Our President” has been in office, I, as a Black Single female have never struggled so hard in my life. We people who don’t make even 30,000 dollars a year are the ones that are hurting the most. I feel like Bush stepped on our heads, and as a Black woman I really hate saying that it feels like now our heads are being smashed into the ground.