Eric Bolling: ‘Only People Perpetuating Racism’ Are NAACP And Al Sharpton

Source: Matt Wilstein / Mediaite

The Five’s discussion about the war of words between North Carolina NAACP President Rev.William Barber II and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) took a sharp turn on Wednesday when it was Eric Bolling’s turn to weigh in. Denying that African-Americans are still discriminated against in America, he declared definitively, “I don’t think there’s racism.”

“You know, it’s almost getting — it is getting tiring,” Bolling said of Barber’s suggestion that Scott’s conservative policies don’t help his fellow African-Americans. “We have a black president, black senators, we have black heads — captains of business, companies, we have black entertainment channels.”

“Is there racism?” he asked. “I don’t think there’s racism. I think the only people perpetuating racism are people like this gentleman from NAACP, are the Al Sharptons of the world. Let’s move on.”

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  • biggiet

    Tell him to google “racist obama tweets after election” THEN tell me who are the ONLY people perpetuating racism. It’s their intentional blindness to this that pisses people off.