Former NFL Greats Rake In Big Bucks During Super Bowl Week

Source: Susanna Kim / ABC News

How much would you pay to watch your favorite former player from the National Football League do his end-zone dance live?

While players for the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are the star athletes on the field this Sunday, in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, it’s the old-timers who are making the big bucks long past their glory days. Former greats compete to get paid by companies for appearances before the big game, sometimes earning $10,000 or more for shaking hands for two hours.

Some players are better-suited for speaking engagements and other players can be used for less traditional appearances.

Former Cincinnati Bengals player Elbert “Ickey” Woods was booked for an event strictly to do his signature “Ickey shuffle” end-zone dance, said Robert Tuchman, president of sports and entertainment marketing firm Goviva. After his dance, Woods left.

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