By ‘Honoring’ King With Bling And Ignorance, These Fliers Wind Up Disrespecting Him

Source:  Tonyaa Weathersbee /

Images of fliers for events that are supposed to be honoring Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, which falls on Jan. 15., and is celebrated on Monday, Jan. 20., are being circulated on social media.

That wouldn’t be a bad thing if those fliers included quotes from his speeches, and were adding a digital edge to the causes that King fought for before an assassin gunned him down 44 years ago.

It wouldn’t be a bad thing if those fliers were advertising seminars or parties with a purpose toward getting younger black people to believe in their own power to end rampant unemployment, mass incarceration, and other problems that disproportionately dog them.

What’s been spreading on social media like gangrene on a wound festering with ignorance and indifference are fliers that depict Dr. King in ways that glorify the shallowness that leads some black people to do things that fuel their own oppression and exploitation.

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  • picnicfun

    “Freedom to Twerk”. Dr. King did not die for that!

  • Angie

    Just utter pure Ignorance!!! Remember the Boondocks cartoon where Dr. King came back today and he went off about the situation of the world today and there were having a party and Dr. King stopped the whole party!! “This is not what I died for!”… Art Imitates Life of Vice Versa???